Endless Summer in Javea

Last summer, I took three weeks off work and left Thailand on 1st of July to visit Jonathan’s family in Belgium and Spain. It was a very exciting experience for me not that I got to travel alone but because I met his family. I couldn’t thank them enough for having me, thanks a lot the Decleires!


First of all, their summer house is located in Javea (Spanish) or Xabia (Valencian). It is a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain by the Mediterranean Sea. As a background, Javea is backed by the Montgo. (Thanks to Wikipedia)

Pikky girl on the Montgo

There were many places I went during my time there, a lot of memories. But one thing that was clear in my mind was the day I climbed the Montgo was the day I lost my grandma forever. I remember we woke up around 5 am and we were getting ready to climb Montgo from our backyard.

My mother left many messages on Line and said “your grandma passed away”. That moment I was shocked and was not sure what to do, whether to go climb or to fly back home in a few hours? My tears dropped and I told the family about what happened. I decided to call my mother,

she said “if you want to come home, to say a last good-bye to her, you could.”

But then I talked to my dad, he said “you don’t need to come back my girl, what difference would it make? Enjoy your travel and be careful, but never forget people who love you at home…That is enough… You can say good-bye to her from there.”

So I decided to climb the Montgo at 6 am with a peace of mind. I was saying goodbye to my grandma all the way up and down again. I hope she rests in peace. I was, of course, sad but my mind accepted that she is forever gone but she’ll be greatly missed. And life goes on.




I have heard from a lot of friends that Spain is a nice sunny country but I have never been much excited as it is very sunny here in Thailand. AND when I was there, I looked at her differently, Spain is such a beautiful country with lots of good summer vibes.

Cap de la Nao
Playa del Arenal

There are many tourist attractions to go around in Javea. I loved going on the curvy roads along the hills, there were such nice routes and nice fresh air.

Other than going to places, food is also very important to talk about. 😛

One evening I cooked Thai food for the Decleire family which were Pad Kra Prow Kai (Fried chicken with basil leaves) and Kaeng Kiew Wan Kai (Chicken green curry). It was very hard to find the ingredients but I used what I could find. Both dishes turned out great but apparently too spicy for some of them. Everyone seemed to enjoy with tears in their eyes. 😀 And I could not be prouder!


Besides the food I cooked, my favorite food in Spain is Paella (of course).

I haven’t tried Paella anywhere but one restaurant at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok and it wasn’t very impressive. But Paella in Spain was very delicious. My time in Spain was concurrent with the  UEFA Euro 2016, and so we always went to one local restaurant in Ondara, which I think they do serve the best Paella in town!

I also would like to share my favorite breakfast below! Best pain au chocolat in town.

Apart from food now I also would like to show you guys Javea’s old town, which has impressed me very much. As I have always said I have a thing for a small town. My first impressions for small towns is that they do not look arrogant and they look friendly which is opposite from bigger cities. I like to stroll around their morning markets and see how local people live. My travels are simply fulfilled by things like these and I cherish it very much!

Javea’s old town is decorated by its cute little alleys and the terrace of each house is very beautifully embellished by flowers which I do not see much in Thailand.

Local people wake up early to get the fresh vegetables and fruits. Some older people enjoy sitting in front of cafes and drinking their coffee. Sometimes when we see small things people enjoy, we then could look back at ourselves and question why is it so difficult to just be happy?? Because we overlook small things and always pursue for greater things and sometimes they are not really promising. (Oh well!)

To be honest, before I arrived in Javea, I thought it would be a boring small town where I might not enjoy at all but I was all wrong. Javea is small yet very cute and I can’t wait to go back again!

Next post I will be sharing short trips to Guadalest Valley, Valencia and Barcelona during my time in Spain! Please stay tuned!


                                                 With love,


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