Guadalest Valley

Thinking about the destination of my summer this year, I could not help to reminisce a little day trip I took last year to Guadalest Valley. I promised you guys several months ago that next post would be about Guadalest Valley. It has been a little too late but I got caught up with so many things in life, so many changes, yet for the better. I have finally finished my Master’s thesis and conference, and I only wait for the graduation day which will be in the December this year! YAY! I also got a new job which is very interesting and somehow challenging.

So, here I am with the promised post! ūüėÄ Last summer I was in Spain in Javea and I was traveling around here and there. Besides Valencia and Barcelona, I also made a¬†little trip to Guadalest Valley, a lot of stories and memories made.

So let me introduce you to this pretty village!

Guadalest Valley enjoys one of the most spectacular locations of any village in Spain and it is hidden in the midst of stunning landscape. There are only 200 people living in the village which mostly make their living from tourism. From what I saw there are many little souvenir shops and cafe to welcome tourists.



That day we arrived in Guadalest was around 5 pm but we still managed to go into a¬†museum, the¬†Ordu√Īa‚Äôs House. It costs around 4 or 5 Euros and the museum was so special and full of stories of the past.

The house was occupied by the¬†Ordu√Īa Family in the past. They were in the service of the marquesses as governors of the fortress and governors of their states. The decoration of the house adapts to the beautiful tastes of the bourgeoisie who lived the political ups and downs of the second half of the 19th century. It cannot be forgotten that the house was always a big house in a small town. We were impressed by how great and complete the house has been kept and taken care of. We were walking through every room in the house and afterwards found ourselves outside to the breathtaking view.



In the picture behind me, you can see the¬†Pe√Īon de La Alcal√° tower stands high above the village to watch over the valley below. We walked towards the tower and found out that there is also the cemetery. We found it very quiet yet interesting that it is located there above everything. Even it is late evening, many tourists still kept coming to visit the beautiful Guadalest Valley.


The weather was very sunny and nice outside. But the moment we got out from the museum, the temperature dropped slowly, it felt a little chilly. We finished the sightseeing, and later on took a short break to take some photos outside and strolled around for a longer time as I could not really take my eyes off the valley.

Although, I did not take many photos, I remember quite clear in my mind how fascinating the village is and I was very happy that Jonathan took me there. I can say that it was really worth a visit.



Before we went back to Javea, this last photo of me was taken. So you guys can see how happy I was! I would definitely go back again.

As it was getting a lot chillier, we decided to go back to Javea. When the car went down the curves of the mountain, I was enjoying the breeze out of the window sooo much. I think it took like 30 minutes that we were coming down the mountain. Even the day I spent in Guadalest Valley was for only a few hours, I could say it was one of the most stunning villages in Alicante.

If any of you passes by Alicante, do not miss this gorgeous valley! I highly recommend you guys to visit! ‚̧ And I hope I inspire someone to go there and please let me know how much you like it!




Credit: information from www.alicante-spotlight.com & www.destinoguadalest.com